Sunday, 31 August 2014



Whilst all alone and dark outside,
is when my colours show.
It's so hard to sleep, Just running thoughts,
It's when I feel so low.
My jobs they seem to save me,
from the sadness deep inside.
I feel alive, I feel myself,
Not remembering what I hide.
Am I over exaggerating?
I just simply don't understand.
It seems the people I can trust,
can be counted on one hand.
I've found my ways of coping,
with some accepted and some not.
Without these ways, it's clear to me,
I would of mentally lost the plot.

August 2014
Jordon-Olivia Gee 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Life Experience

Life Experience.

I try and act all normal,
And from reality i choose to hide.
It's my only way of coping,
Instead of expressing what's inside.
I've become so very repetative,
In these words i've cautiously wrote.
It's something i feel isnt relevant,
Lifes so like a rocking boat. 
I'm too old to feel so down,
Always feeling like such a void.          
I have no one to speak too,
Feeling constantly paranoid.            
Its become so perfectly clear
That The feelings ive hid for years.
Have built up for way too long,
And are causing all the tears.      
Its doesnt help at all,
That i'm really struggling to sleep.
Its the time i find i think alot,
And at times it can be rather deep.
So that's just a minor insight
Of feelings people may feel       
So now my aim is to be there
To listen, advise and heal.

February 2014
Jordon-Olivia Gee 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Feelings Locked Inside

Feelings locked inside

It takes a lot for me to talk
and explain whats locked inside,
It gets too much to handle
on this crazy lifelong ride.
I try my best in everything
but it seems to all be wrong,
I try and fit in all the time
to search where I belong.
Lying listening to the rain
to disguise an obvious cry,
The answer to 'Are you okay?'
it's just a well rehearsed lie.
It seems i'm not the only one
who's experiencing feeling down,
My friends i'd rather help them
to smile instead of frown.
It's hard to sleep from all the thinking
Of the thoughts i choose to hide,
I guess i'll have to carry on
with these feelings locked inside. 

December 2013
Jordon-Olivia Gee

Saturday, 16 March 2013

I Still Love You..

I Still Love You

Every day i manage a smile,
It shows no sign of pain.
Is it worth you showing up,
For me to hurt again.

I try and cry myself to sleep, 
To pass the days away.
With you not here, not by my side,
This is how i pay.

It hurts to know, that you're with her,
Every day and night.
I dream the day, I'm in your arms,
Holding me so tight.

Remember years back, you sent the text,
To say that we were through, 
Who would of thought, I'm here today,
Still Saying I STILL LOVE YOU!

Jordon Olivia Gee
March 2013

I am pleased to announce that the poem 'I Still Love You' has been picked to be published in a book. 
The book named 'Do The Write Thing' will be published in January 2015.

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